04 December 2015



see next time, k bai

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Farrah Wahida said...

I hope I can be that friend that will make some space for you to fit in when walking with a bunch of people,I hope I can be the one that would hear what you want to say because every opinion is important and deserve to be heard.I hope I can be the one to tell you that whatever choice you make you got to follow your passion and I'm still gonna support you.I hope I am the one that will make you feel that you are the best you can be.I hope that I am the one that make you feel worthy,and most importantly I hope I am the one that will make you realise that all you need is yourself;to know that you are amazing and unique in your own way!InsyaAllah.Lastly,I hope that you give me chance and have faith in me that I can be a good friend.You maybe post this just because u feel emotional today but I am serious with all the words above and U CAN COUNT ON ME!