24 December 2016

As of Today (University Life)

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!
Do you actually notice that everytime I write something, it will be after such a long time. So, here we go again, I'm greeting you guys after almost a year passed. Tomorrow is the Christmas eve but my holiday is only until tomorrow, I'm so sad but well, couldn't help it anyway. I have class on Monday huhu..

Okay so what I wanna write is actually about my university life as of today. And that's how I got the idea for this post's topic ;) Okay so after the SPM result announcement day, I got two offers to further my studies which is one from matriculation in Perlis and another one is a diploma program from UiTM. I was quite disappointed from the offers eventho I know how I should be grateful to have a hand "full of choices" not quite much but yeah still.. The reason for my disappointment is because of the UPU result. I actually hoping so much that I will get an offer from UIA which is foundation of economics but as silly as I am, I put that as my 3rd choice, can you believe it? Please guess which number I put diploma program that I received as my choice? Yes, of course the first choice T.T
I always thought that I have bad luck so I really confident that I will not get my first choice but yes, as bad luck as I am, I really did get that one T.T Btw, that diploma program's course is Business Study.

Actually, after SPM my goal is to not meet any science subjects anymore because I remember how I suffered with those subjects during my high school time. Not just I don't understand them but I also do not have any interest in them. Due to that I applied all those non-science course in my UPU application and even accounting course in matriculation eventho I'm not an accounting students during my high school days. That's how desperate I am to run away from Science hahaha. Back to the story of me choosing either one of the two choices, after a while, I decided to choose the diploma program eventho it is obviously longer than the matriculation program. Besides, my bestfriend, Fatin also got the same place as me eventho we are not in the same course. But that does not mean I made the decision because of her, it's because I feel that I don't fit in the matriculation due to my style of study which is very much laid back.

My diploma program is at the Kedah branch of UiTM in Sungai Petani. It took just about 1 hour of travel from my house by car. Taking that as an advantage, I really love to go back home like almost every weekend. So far I really like the surrounding there except for the fact that I have to walk 30 minutes from my dorm to the class. Its a wreck of a day for me if my class start at 8 am because you know how sleepyhead I am, just imagine that I always woke up late and then without showering I just ran off to class with my selekeh-ness.

For the course, I was cheated BY MYSELF of course. I thought that since its business it will have a lot of calculation and that's why I decided to choose this path but little did I knew that this course is full of theories! I have to memorize everything for A to Z. Sometime my brain feels like exploding. As for those theories subject are my nightmare, the calculation required subjects are my only escape and savior. I love calculation subjects because I didn't feel like study whenever I revise them, since it does not need any reading because reading is just not my thing.

And also the pros for my university life is that I can almost balance everything. Starting from social life, study and time for myself. Since I have 5 semesters, my schedule is not so packed. Serious talk, I have a lot of time in my hand. I can go hangout with my friends everytime I'm free (money problems tho), I have a lot of gaps between my classes time so that allows me to take a nap and believe or not when I say nap, the minimum nap that I can take is for 2 hours hehe. Plus, since I'm kind of a procrastinator, I can study at the last minute and can still excel in them because the subjects is not very long like in high school. The best thing is that I can watch kdramas everyday and still got some time left to do something else. What could I ask more from that ;) That's gonna be the most favourite thing about my life in university. Its like the best of both world (Hannah Montanna anyone?)

So the conclusion is if anyone ever ask if I never regret taking this path, my answer is DEFINITELY YES. As of today, this is the best decision that I ever made. What done has been done, and I can't go back to change it so what I just need to do it is to make the most out of it. Plus, I'm happy with my life right now and that's what matter. I'm gonna work hard and prove that I can achieve success like everyone else too. Wish me luck!


see next time, k bai