14 April 2013

The author ; Samihah

Assalamualaikum and hello guys.
My full name is Aimi Samihah Binti Saiful Bahri. You guys can call me Samihah for short.
I'm 19 years old this year and somehow I still can't believe how old I am. So, obviously I'm a full time student and not full time writer, I'm an alumni of SMK Sultan Badlishah batch 98. Currently, I'm taking my diploma in UiTM and its also marked my 2nd semester right now. I'm also part of a big family.

I'm actually a lousy writer because I cannot find an excellent way to express my idea and thinking into writing. I'm not gonna update this blog regularly, this is because I always get caught up in life and sometime I don't have enough time to write other than the excuse of my big procrastination.
Btw, I will put any gif/picture that I found on tumblr everytime I post just for the sake of not making my post looks blank and boring.

Just for your information, I started blogging back in 2011 when blogging used to be 'a thing' but because of those immature post and writing, I put them as a draft and wanting to post new things that somehow I hope you guys will enjoy reading them.

That's all for now. I hope you find it entertaining reading my blog.
You gonna know me better through my upcoming post.

Keep calm and keep on reading 

see next time, k bai

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