24 April 2016

Trivial facts

Assalamualaikum, so its been a really long time, really! Last year I was kind of busy, running from here and there due to spm, so i have written 0 post if I'm not mistaken. Well actually, its not like I have any reader 😶 but just for the sake of fun and filling my boringness(?) I actually felt the itchiness of wanting to write again 😆 To be really honest, I stalked my friend's blog and saw this late post of her about her life facts, I remembered that it used to be a "trendy thing" in instagram in late 2012 where people tagged you and you have to post facts about yourself. And it was kind of fun (that friend's post) and so i was thinking why not i write about that hehe 😉

So..... since my birthdate is 23 september, I want to write 23 trivial facts about me. Not those facts that I already wrote in "About Me" post but more like the facts that are not so important 🙈

Ps: pardon me bcuz I'll be writing in both malay and english which is manglish 🙌

1. I just bought a phone like really a phone, so its kind of fascinating how i lived all those years without a freakin' phone, I mean come on lah siapa je yg takde phone especially tennagers like me. So i'm kind of in aww 😶

2. Bila makan nasi selalu asingkan nasi and lauk, i mean idk if i'm like havin an OCD or something but rasa macam tak selesa and puas hati bila nasi and lauk bercampur. And that's why I really hate bila pergi kenduri or pergi kedai makan nasi campur yg ada org yg letakkan lauk utk kita, diorang selalu letak lauk atas nasi and i'm so annoyed 😠

3. Another thing about my "OCD" , ocd la sangat, kalau makan nasi and and ada kuah atas nasi, aku akan gaul nasi and kuah tu supaya semua nasi dapat kuah yg sama rata hehe this is so weird and i know it ✌

4. I clean my room only like bila habis national exam, like eg, bila habis upsr, pmr and spm baru kemas bilik. And when i said kemas bilik, i go through everything macam cuci kipas, cuci bilik air, mop lantai and meja study and kemas segala benda yang ada dlm bilik. So i'm kinda of wondering sbb lps ni mana ada dh exam mcm tu and...... if u know what i mean 👉👈

5. People always said aku pendiam and I think so too but aku rasa aku berani jugak buat kawan apa.... I mean one of my achievement hehe haritu masa driving class, I made some friends yg mmg stranger and the best part is that aku yg tegur diorang dulu, plus diorang tu semua lagi tua daripada aku, I really deserve an award for this achievement huhu

6. And org jugak selalu ckp aku ni lemah lembut and baik sangat when in fact I AM NOT! So bila aku tunjuk the real side of me which is perangai tahpape tu mula la diorang ckp "tak sangka la aimi macam ni" "nampak je baik tapi sebenarnya....." and I'm like what the....... So what do you guys expecting from me HUH?! I'm really sick of those things 😒 

7. I've never date, EVER. Dulu i used to hate the idea of dating because I think its stupid and wasting time but these days i'm sort of thinking what it's like to date with someone..

8. I hate when my friends are dating like SERIOUSLY sebab dia rasa macam ada org curi bff kita. 

9. I've never had any boy-friends (not boyfriend) and due to that I have this weird things which bila cakap dgn lelaki selain my family aku selalu rasa pelik and tak selesa and new(?) Idk

10. I sleep with lights off tapi bila takut lepas tgk horror movie mesti turn on juga lampu hehe

11. Aku belajar dlm darjah 1 dua kali, I mean masa umur 6 tahun and 7 tahun aku duduk dlm darjah satu. They called it 'tumpang' because masa umur aku 6 tahun tu aku pergi je belajar tapi nama aku takde dlm record sekolah. 

12. I'm craving of lamb right now 

13. I don't really like reading those stuff yg diorang kongsi panjang2 about motivational stuff and other info dkt ws or other messaging apps. It annoyed the hell out of me. 

14. I used to be so short like a dwarf in primary school sampai cikgu ejek lg bila aku nak jadi pengawas sbb cikgu ckp nanti aku kena chin up bila nak tegur org 😑 Anyway bila form 2/3, tinggi aku naik mendadak eventho tak tinggi mana pun tp boleh la nk ckp yg aku tak pendek (ps: my current height is 160cm) 

15. I dont really dream big mcm aku tak ada definite goal, macam apa yg aku nk jadi apa yg aku study, things like that. My dream simple je aku nk duduk dkt urban area, work in the office like a typical person and have enough money to buy things I want. 

16. I'm really sentimental and sensitive. I think too much and sometimes aku explode dgn nangis masa shower. When i'm really depressed you can know it by stalking my twitter sbb aku akan tabur(?) hints yg aku gila depress dgn rt benda2 pasal depressing stuff.

17. I really like to be organised bila buat kerja walaupun bilik bersepah hehe. I have this perfection attitude bila nak buat kerja. Macam simple example bila nak sidai kain aku akan bezakan kain ikut jenis (baju, kain pelekat and etc) dlm bakul yg berlainan and then baru aku sidai. 

18. I really hate cringy stuff and aku juga tak affectionate. Aku rasa malu nak cakap terima kasih or i love you or i miss you dkt org2 yg aku rapat sbb rasa mcm cringy walaupun sebenarnya tak pun. 

19. I find it freakin uncomfortable bila org tunggu aku. I mean mcm aku nk beli barang aku and parents aku kena tunggu dkt luar kedai, aku akan rasa malu and tak selesa, idk why tho. That's why bila aku nak beli barang aku, aku akan beli masa kami semua dkt restoran and tunggu makanan and so masa tu aku akan ckp nak pergi toilet tp aku akan pergi kedai utk beli barang aku. 

20. I'm a korean drama maniac like really MANIAC. I've watched over 100 korean dramas since 2011. I know all the actors and somehow I actually can understand korean. Sometimes, i don't need subtitles because I can understand what they are talking about. I know this is not smthg to be proud of because of this I didnt study and my grades actually drop so bad.

21. I keep a secret about being a kdrama maniac from my friends. This is because everyone has this stereotype about korean entertainment. I'm actually worried if i would be an outcast because of this. Tho I know i'm being fake and does not show the real side of me. And yes I know i'm being so pathetic 😕

22. I really love ballad song especially kdramas' ost and 95% of my playlist songs is kdramas' ost and bcuz of it i don't really like when people want to see my playlist since i don't really have any popular songs. 

23. I love wearing pyjamas (long tshirt) when i'm not going out anywhere.

And yes that's the end of this long post fuhh 😥 That's all I think and I hope you guys don't think i'm some kind of freak or something because of these facts. 

ps: I actually write this post using a smartphone so can u pls give me a clap and ignore if you find any fault because it was a really big challenge for me since I made a lot of typos haha 🙊


see next time, k bai

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