18 April 2013

Not That Stressful

Assalamualaikum, setiap hari bagi aku sangat hectic, I mean dengan segala tuisyen and kelas tambahan. Serious talk dalam PMR aku target 7A macam tu je, idk why maybe sebab aku tak ada keyakinan dalam mathematics. I'm not that good. People keep complaining that form 3 life is very busy, oh no which I also just complained hehe but I think form 3 life is the life where we should enjoy and stuff since next year we, I mean all 98's batch gonna sit in the high school life. High school i tell ya! Right now we still in the middle school, we are still in our childhood, have fun in every moment that we have!! Like Bella Swan said we only alive in our childhood y'know.

But sometimes we must be serious too hmm. We need to set our goal for what we gonna be when we grow up. Okay, kadang-kadang aku rasa kita hidup untuk masa depan, you see kita tengah tunggu dekat dunia untuk akhirat and buat segala amal ibadatkan and kita juga pergi sekolah untuk masa depan yang cerah dan so on. Its a tradition~ 

Sometimes also, aku jealous dengan kehidupan kakak aku. Not to say, I mean dia pendiam, even Rasulullah SAW cakap jangan banyak cakap sebab kita hanya akan mengutuk orang bila cakap. But that not what I'm jealous of her. Just now, aku tengok buku nota dia, I can see that she got lots of homework not like lots but too lots!! Not just that, she also wrote buku apa yang dia kena revision. For at least one subject ada 4-5 buku yang dia guna untuk buat revision and I was like OMG~

She's not just like study all day la, I mean now since she just finished her PMR exam, she also watches video in the internet and sleeps all day. What spell does she use?! I also can do that meh, but my problem is I'm too lazy and stupid. ergh. She also just got her present for getting straight A's in her PMR, a brand new laptop. 

Okay off the topic, just now aku dapat my new spectacles. Power dia sangat kuat sebab akhir-akhir ni aku selalu buka pakai spec (only in school). Its not my fault tho hehehe. My dad told me he also do the same when he's in the highschool, he said that he just hate wearing spectacles. But but but why he can't understand me that I want contact lens? Hmm... I know he just concern about my eyes' safety. Wait until I grow up haha. 

Btw see this and enjoy. I'm lazy like this cuz Im just too cool :p

See you soon then, 

see next time, k bai


Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck and don't be lazy :)

Farrah Wahida said...

aku nak komennnnnnnn

Farrah Wahida said...

Yeah,boleh pun.hahahahahaha.
"Roots of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet"
If you're lack of motivation call me!You know me kan!hahaha